Tales from the Whale's Blow Hole

We Meet Again!
Session 4
  • rested up in the cave
  • headed to Phandalin
  • spent the night in Phandalin and collected 50gp from Sildar in the morning
  • visited with contacts and learned that the Redbrands murdered a woodcarver and now his wife and child are missing
  • told Lienne at Lionshield Coster where to find their goods and hitched a ride back to the caves with them
  • encountered an owlbear on the way to Cragmaw Castle
  • rested another night
  • scouted the castle and staked out a hidden door
  • reunited with Grant and tied him up. Grant said he’d been visiting a mutual acquaintance.
  • Grant transformed an slipped his bonds as he turned into Gundren
  • chopped off Grant’s head leaving him a grey skinned doppelgänger
  • Grant had Gundren’s map!
No Rest for the Wicked
Episode 3

The party did the following:

  • Rested up a bit and and looted Haldur’s body
  • Met Baldur, Haldur’s cousin… wait, no he’s not!
  • Assaulted the cave and fought a large bugbear and some wolves while goblins shot arrows at * them from a bridge
  • Survived a deluge of water from a hidden reservoir
  • Climbed up a chimney and hunkered down
  • Were approached by a goblin for parley and chased him off
  • Spoke with Sildar and assured he was alive
  • Assaulted the goblins holding Sildar which resulted in Sildar being thrown off a bridge
  • Prevailed in the end, healed up Sildar, and found some loot

They learned that:

  • Gundren and his map were taken to (likely) Cragmaw Castle on the orders of someone called “The Black Spider”
  • Sildar works for the Lords Alliance
  • Sildar would like to go to Phandalin to complete his mission for the Lords Alliance rather than try and track down Gundren, though he would like the party to do so
Phandalin and a Sad Day
Episode 2

The party continued on to Phandalin and delivered the wagon of supplies to Barthen. There, they heard about the troubling group of mercenaries calling themselves the “Redbrands” and Barthen offered them some coin to find out what had happened to his friend, Gundren.

The party checked in to the Stonehill Inn and then went looking for trouble. They found it at the Sleeping Giant and provoked a fight with four ruffians. Haldur and Poetry were sliced into unconsciousness while the rest of the party succeeded in killing three of the thugs and sent the last one running off to the presumed Redbrand headquarters: Tresandor Mansion.

Returning to their rooms, they sought the help of a local cleric of Tymora, goddess of fortune. Sister Garaele channelled her goddess and healed the wounded adventurers in return for a donation. She also tasked the party with getting some information from a banshee named Agatha.

The troupe were visited by Harbin, the townmaster, that night. He was concerned they had stirred up trouble with the Redbrands and was happy to know they were leaving town the next day. He offered them some work when they returned, however.

Fully rested the next morning, they visited Daran Edermath who was hoping to find adventurers willing to stand against the Redbrands. He offered to put the party up in his apple shed, should they help out.

The gang decided to see if they could track down Gundren and set out for the site of yesterday’s goblin ambush. Vima scouted the trail ahead of the party and found and avoided several traps, finally coming upon a clearing with a cliff at the opposite end. The path lead along side a stream and into a cave opening at the base of the cliff. After much planning and debate the party attracted some guards by making animal noises. A wolf and a goblin approached and were cut down. The gang ran for the cave mouth and more goblins and wolves issued forth. The wolves attacked as a pack and took down Haldur with their vicious bites. They then tackled Bob who was also rendered unconscious but not before cutting down two of the mangy beasts. Poetry gave a good account of herself and finished off the last wolf while Vima tried many times to shoot a goblin. The last goblin retreated into the cave as Haldur bled out onto the field of battle.

Poor Haldur.

The Road to Phandalin
Episode 1

The party, while frequenting their usual watering hole, was approached by their acquaintance and drinking buddy, Gundren Rockseeker, to safeguard his load of provisions to the town of Phandalin. They bartered with him and accepted a fee of 15GP each for the safe delivery of the wagon to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.

In the morning, the wagon and driver arrived to pick the party up. Bob took an instant dislike to Grant, the teamster and roughly threw him to the road and told him to make himself scarce. Grant appeared more than a little put out by this action and stared after the wagon balefully as it left.

An uneventful days journey left the party camping that night along the High Road. During the last watch of the night, Bob spied a menacing figure in the pre-dawn mist and shot a crossbow bolt at it, missing completely. The figure retaliated and sunk an orange fletched arrow into Bob’s ample thigh. By the time the rest of the party had roused themselves, the mysterious assailant had faded into the nearby trees. Bob merely shrugged off his grisly wound and the party mounted the wagon for the rest of the journey.

After a few hours on the Triboar trail, the party encountered some dead horses with many arrows in them. Vima and Bob moved into the woods on either side and approached only to be ambushed by a group of foul goblins. After a hard struggle, the last goblin limped off to the East with Bob’s bolt in its hip and the party decided to have a look at the horses. They concluded the animals belonged to their patron, Gundren Rockseeker and his companion/body guard Sildar Hallwinter. They also found an empty map case.

Deciding to ride for Phandalin and finish their task, they were distracted by finding fresh blood leading across the road and joining with a game trail that ran to the north and was obviously frequented by goblins. Making a note of this, they pressed on for Phandalin.


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